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Hi my name is Joannie but I go by Joey. I'm a Christian wife and mother. I love quilting.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Strange Info

Hello there, my name is Joey Strange owner of Sew Strange Bits N Pieces an online quilting store. I sell appliqués, bags, batting squares, fabrics, quilts & more. I have a machine that die cuts all my appliqués. I just started adding my "Joey Bagg" logos to my bags. I'm trying to make your life as a quilter easier with precut batting and flannel squares. I love making rag quilts!! If you would like to shorten your time. I have a 5 1/4" and 8.5" precut square with an 3/4" fringe. I can do a custom order for you! So all you would have to do is sew your "X" and seams and then throw your quilt in the washer and dryer! Fast and easy!!

I just put my first ad in a quilting magazine called "Quilter's Home". You can find my ad on page 80. Yes, you too, can use the QH10 code for 10% off your order. Thanks sew much!! Joey

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